Green Energy Poland SA

Range of activities

The organization of financing of investment projects in renewable energy sources

GEP SA organizes attractive financing for investment projects in the area of RES. The source of funding can be the following instruments:

  • bank loan
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • purchase of shares and increasing the capital of purpose companies organizing investments
  • direct investments by dedicated investment funds
  • issuance of commercial bonds

We cooperate with many commercial banks, brokerage houses and funds and final purchasers (energy groups, dividend funds) in Poland and abroad, which potentially can be partners in your investment.

We provide professional service project.

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Construction of turnkey wind farm

GEP S. A. cooperates with a group of experts and partner companies, which is dedicated to building RES sources – mainly wind turbines. In the group of companies cooperating with GEP S. A. there are law firms, energy and construction and service companies operating RES power plants. We audit contracts with suppliers of turbines, we optimize the delivery and payment conditions, we negotiate with power companies. We bring an investment from the state of project construction to issue the first invoice for the production of electricity.

One of the companies of GEP S. A. group provides services to the working wind farms, in particular:

  • accounting
  • supervision over the process of selling green certificates
  • supervision over the power plant,
  • cooperation with turbine suppliers, audit of contracts and supervision of emergency repairs
  • contact with the authorities and the local community

Our experts have built more than 60 MW of wind turbines in Poland.

We are both small plants (0,8-2 MW) and medium-sized wind parks (over 10 MW).

Cooperation with Investors

RES market is an attractive investment area. Appropriate design of the investment, the optimal financial engineering, good supervision over construction and exit from the investment in proper time can provide an attractive ROI for investors with relatively little risk.

GEP S. A. has attractive RES projects.


We invite you to cooperation!

Sales of working RES sources

GEP S. A. is interested in purchasing operating wind farms and water farms. The minimum power is:

  • 2,0 MW for wind turbines
  • 0.2 MW for waterpower plants
  • 1 MW for biogas

We’re also looking for investment opportunities in the area of optimization of energy costs as well as photovoltaics.

All the interested are pleased for contact.

Advice on the sale/purchase transactions of RES projects

Experts of GEP S. A. are able to assist investors in the selection process and audit of RES projects. We specialize mainly in wind turbines. Our assistance may include the following:

  • assessment of project risks
  • choice of law firm for legal audit of the project
  • audit of the energy conditions
  • negotiations of conditions of interconnection agreements with the energy companies
  • audit of the windliness
  • business audit
  • audit of the conditions of financing (loan agreements, grants)

Advice on the sale/purchase transactions of operating wind farms

GEP S. A. has unique expertise in the RES sale/purchase transactions.

We know:

  • who buys
  • how much buys
  • what buys
  • when buys

We know what is the driver of the value of RES sources. We know benchmarks of transactions in Poland and abroad.

We will be very happy to share that wisdom with investors who plan to sell their investment.

We invite you to cooperation.

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