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4. The RES state support policy in 2010-2030

According to the Polish Energy Policy until 2030, actions in the field of promoting RES include:

  • Developing a path to achieve 15 % share of RES in final energy consumption in a sustainable way, broken down by type of energy: electricity, heat and cooling and renewable energy in transport,
  • Maintaining the support mechanisms for producers of electricity from renewable sources, such as through a system of certificates of origin,
  • Maintaining an obligation to gradually increase the share of biocomponents in transport fuels, in order to achieve its goals,
  • Introduction of additional support mechanisms to encourage greater production of heat and cold from renewable energy sources,
  • Implementation of the directions of the construction of agricultural biogas plants, assuming the creation by 2020 an average of one biogas plant in each municipality,
  • Creating conditions to facilitate investment decisions concerning the construction of wind farms at sea,
  • The maintenance of the exemption from excise for energy from RES,
  • Direct support for the construction of new RES units and electricity networks, enabling their connection with the use of European funds and environmental protection funds, including funds from the substitute fee and penalties,
  • Stimulating the development of the Polish industry, producing equipment for renewable energy, including with the use of European funds,
  • Support of technology development and the construction of installations for generation of renewable energy from waste containing biodegradable materials (such as municipal waste containing biodegradable fractions),
  • Assessment of the opportunities of energy use of existing dumping-up constructions, owned by the State, through their inventory, a framework to determine the effect on the environment and developing the principles of sharing[1].

However, a measurable form of support is currently only a system of ”rainbow” certificates (see paragraph 5) and the possibility of obtaining funding from the national and European funds.

Within the framework of European funds it was possible to obtain funding from the Operational Programmes such as the ”Innovative Economy” Operational Programme, the ”Infrastructure and Environment” Operational Programme and the Regional Operational Programmes (each province had different one and possibility of obtaining RES fundings was not in each of them) or for certain tasks from the Rural Areas Development Programme. Operational programs are intended for 2007-2013 and in practice these measures have already been distributed. The next programming period has not yet been determined (probably it begins in 2015) and it is not known what measures will be in it for the RES development.

As part of the national support, the support can be obtained from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and Voivodship Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

There, the support is given all the time, mostly in competition, in the form of both grants and concessional loans.

Regarding the system of support in the form of certificates, the Ministry of Economy is working on changing it. Currently no details are known. Perhaps the system of certification will vary for different types of RES and will be allocated only for a given period of time. But it is also possible to change the system of ”feed-in tariff”.

[1] ”Polish Energy Policy until 2030”

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