Green Energy Poland SA

1. Definition and types of renewable energy

According to the Energy Law of April 10, 1997 with amendments (the legal status on January 1, 2011), article 3, point 20, renewable energy source has been defined as a source using in the processing: wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, the energy of waves, sea currents and tides, the energy of river gradient and energy produced from biomass, landfill biogas and biogas produced in the process of wastewater treatment and discharge, or decomposition of plant and animal remains;

Renewable resource of energy sources is renewed in a short time, its use is not associated with long-term deficit.

This definition does not distinguish between types of energy produced from renewable sources. Thus it may be electrical energy and heat and cold.

Renewable Energy Sources can be:

1. wind turbines;

2. water-power plants;

3. biogas;

4. biomass power plants;

5. devices using solar energy;

6. devices using geothermal energy;

7. devices using energy of waves and tides (they do not occur in Poland);

8. biofuels.

In everyday language the expression of ”Renewable Energy Resources” is also used. But it is a vague term, because the resource is only a carrier of energy (e. g. wind, water) and the source is device processing it.

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